About Exceladze

“Boards and Beyond “

We believe that the true sense of academic excellence is when students go beyond scoring in boards and adopts the lessons to truly understand and explain how subjects like Maths and Science apply to daily life. As said by Einstein “Any fool can know,the point is to understand “. For us knowing is just the beginning, understanding is the end goal.

“Teaching Kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best”

“Believe and Become “

Dear Parents,
The essence of true learning greatly rests on the environment and surroundings that the students live in. For efficient learning we create an environment filled with positivity and confidence which can only be attained by exceptional teaching, motivation and care.

As a parent you certainly want the best for your child and we are more than happy to partner with you to nurture their talent and energy and channel them in the right direction. Our joined effort will bring out not only the best in their careers but the best in their lives.

We wish you a very rewarding experience in ExcelAdze.